weddings & celebrations

It's your wedding, birthday, anniversary or just a reason to celebrate. There's no better way to mark the occasion than with a ceilidh!


  • The Scottish Bride or Groom can ensure a flavor of home at their wedding reception.

  • The "ex-pat" can introduce friends and family to a taste of their homeland.

  • Others who simply fell in love with ceilidhs during their time in the UK can let others see just how great they are!


There is nothing like it to bring all ages together and ensure people mix and have fun.




Ceilidhs are unique in their ability to bring people together. Both in formal and informal settings.


For your next corporate event, a ceilidh is a unique and high impact way of leaving a lasting impression on staff, clients and guests.

Perfect for:

  • Team building events

  • Company parties

  • Conference Gala Dinner Entertainment

  • Department socials


scottish & caledonian


They say that "A Scot is never more Scottish than when they are abroad".


We also want to share our culture with our new friends in our adopted homeland. We are rightly proud of being Scottish and many clubs and societies exist in Europe to celebrate this and to promote international relations.


Let us provide the entertainment at your next:

  • Burns Supper

  • St. Andrews Night

  • Partner City Event

  • Cultural Exchange

  • Scots Night

  • Celtic Festival



Alba. Caledonia. Bonnie Scotland

background music

Sometimes the high energy ceilidh is not what's needed - but rather beautiful, live Scottish music to act as the backdrop to your special event.


Perfect for:


  •  Burns Suppers

  •  Whisky Dinners & Tastings

  •  Champagne Receptions 

  •  Enhancing Scottish cultural events  


Background music is offered as accordion alone or with "lighter touch" drums.


Available as a stand alone booking or as part of a larger event e.g. pre-ceilidh meal / as guests arrive etc.

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Scottish Marches -