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It was our dream to have a ceilidh at our wedding and what a ceilidh that was! You got everyone dancing and the energy in the room was amazing. You were so good with explaining the dances and everyone had so much fun.


Massimo & Sara, Wedding, Italy

"How you managed to teach us all these dances was amazing, wonderful and ever so much fun! Our big compliments and gratitude for your performance. It was the evening we wanted our family and friends to have.- Klass Jan & Karin, Anniversary Celebration, Netherlands

It's your wedding, birthday, anniversary or just a reason to celebrate? Then there's no better way to mark the occasion than with a ceilidh!

It is the perfect entertainment to bring all ages together and ensure people mix and have fun.


  • The Scottish Bride or Groom can ensure an authentic flavour of home at their wedding reception.

  • The "Ex-Pat" can introduce Friends and Family to a taste of their homeland as they celebrate a significant moment in another country.

  • Others who simply fell in love with ceilidhs during their time in the UK can let others experience just how great they are.


Drawing on 30 years experience, we can help you get your important celebration entertainment just right. Bringing ceilidhs to international mixed groups outwith Scotland is our speciality and we can advise on all aspects of making it work in advance of your event.


Benefit from our expert knowledge and tips when it comes to things like the best types of venue, layout and dance floor for a ceilidh, optimum timings and running order and your wedding first dance options. We will also agree matters such as arrival time, set up and sound check with you in advance in order to work with your overall programme.


A ceilidh goes on a "journey" and we take it from the first Gay Gordons to a jumping packed dance floor for the final Orcadian Strip The Willow ahead of Auld Lang Syne bringing the Scottish party to an end on a "high". Our aim is to have everyone buzzing with joy and laughter with smiles on their faces having loved every minute of the music, dancing and entertainment of Scotland on foreign soil. With us, your wedding, birthday, anniversary or celebration event is in safe, experienced hands to ensure that's just how it will be!

"We would recommend Liam to anyone who wants to bring a touch of Scotland to Germany!"

- Tom & Lisa, Wedding Ceilidh, Germany

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